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“A fusion of next generation wellness and health informatics is going to create a new era for spas. The information to which we will have access will allow spas to design personalized programs for enhancement and prevention. If I’m going on vacation for a week to a spa, I want to get to the next level of my health and wellbeing. I don’t want to just lose a few pounds, or just relax. I’d like to get some insight so I can live an extra, vital 20, 30 or more years.”


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“Geninus is a genetic testing company - the first spin-off of Samsung Genome Institute. To bring genetic testing closer to Vietnamese people, Geninus focus first on education. Follow @geninus.vietnam to know more about your health, your genes, and the science behind it!”


Selected Work for “CITIZEN EARTH”   

“CITIZEN EARTH is a project by Six Space running from 2019 to 2021. Through various artistic, cultural, educational, and community-friendly activities in Vietnam, the project aims to raise awareness on critical environmental issues as well as encourage actions to make positive changes.

CITIZEN EARTH invites artists, historians, anthropologists, environmental researchers, scientists, engineers, educators to engage in broader discussions on art, environment and sustainability. Together the group will conduct research on various sites under effect of climate change, or facing critical environmental issues and then produce new body of works/ artistic intervention and activities in collaboration with related communities”


The public bench, a symbol of democratic city, urbanization & civilization, is a classless piece of furniture often seen in parks in Hanoi. Its indoor and outdoor nature welcome uses for both solitary and social space. The bench provides a vantage point to observe city life, a moment of respite within the busy urban flow. Despite its many benefits, there are not that many benches in Hanoi, not to mention that many urban dwellers now also prefer to use private recreational services than free public facilities.

Benches provide memorial plaque to all that have sit there. Alongside benches, one usually finds a lot of statues and monuments scattered around Hanoi parks. In my imagination, the people who come and go to these benches, using them for creative purposes beyond sitting and people-watching, do more to give these parks character than those propaganda statues. “Public Bench Manual” offers a humorous perspective on the occupation of public space, that you can take seriously at your own risk.

Instruction for public benches
1. People-watch. Benches are one of the few public spaces where people-watching is an expected behavior. People will be more lenient if your eyes linger on them for longer than few seconds.
2. Choose a bench facing the lake. Close your eyes and shut down from the outside world. See the lake in front of you with your eyes closed. Focus on your breath and the moment. Continue to meditate even after the lake dissolves from your vision.  
3. Catch-up with friends whom you have made while sitting at other benches in the park on other days.  
4. Go on a date. A bench overlooking the lake or far away from the main walking path is ideal but not necessary.
5. Or if your marriage is suffering, use the public bench as a site of healing. Talking over conflicts in such public space keeps violence and domestic wreckage at bay.
6/ Do a standing hamstring stretch. Stand facing the bench with your chest up and back straight. Bend hip forward until you feel the stretch in the back of your thigh. Hold for 30 seconds.

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