Lac Hoang ( b.1995) ) is an editorial photographer and fine artist from Hanoi, Viet Nam, working in photography, video and drawings. Her editorial photographs have been featured in magazines such as Photo World China, Harper Bazaar & Elle Vietnam. The recipient of the Reciprocal Artist Residency at Objectifs Centre for Photography & Film (Singapore), Lac has shown her fine art work at United Nation House (Hanoi, Vietnam) & Wedeman Gallery (Newton, Massachusetts) among others. She has assisted La Chamber Photographique Studio (Funk Zone, Santa Barbara) & Art Vietnam Gallery (Hanoi). Lac is completing her BFA in Fine Art at the Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio.
The images in this portfolio are my meditation on trans-human concerns: the relationship between bodies & camera, the fragmentation of identity in the digital age and the future of wellness industry. I’m interested in bio-hacking, how we humans constantly alter ourselves in the personal and collective pursuit of optimized lives and superhuman performance. Whether that modification takes place in the domain of physical exercising or virtual reality, in our bodies or our consciousness, the possibilities are exhilarating and at the same time, petrifying.

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